Caleb Liggin, Class of 2013

As a third generation Falcon and regular camper at Florida College Chicagoland Camp, Caleb Liggin (B.A. ’13) knew Florida College would be the best choice for his college years. He began working in the college’s liberal studies program but then switched to communication when the new program opened after his sophomore year.

“I’ve always been a people person,” Caleb said. “I like talking to people and working with people, so the communication program ended up being a really nice fit for me.”

The communication program gave Caleb the opportunity to learn about interacting with people both in business and personal settings, and he is constantly using what he learned at Florida College in his current job as an account manager in the donor recruitment department at the American Red Cross. His work requires him to make connections with people and businesses in the community, give presentations about blood donation, and coordinate blood drives at a variety of locations, including colleges.

“I work with several colleges here with the Red Cross, and one thing I notice is that there doesn’t seem to be quite the sense of community that I remember feeling at Florida College,” Caleb said.

Caleb was an extremely active part of the campus community during his time at Florida College. He was a member of Psi Beta for four years and served as the society’s president during his sophomore year. He worked as an SI leader during his sophomore and junior years and helped coordinate the SI program during his senior year. He was elected to sophomore class secretary and then junior-senior class president for two years. He served as an intern in the admissions department and was also involved with the Camp Friends, Royal Palm Yearbook, Alpha Club and Footlighters.

“With everything I was able to be involved in, my favorite thing was being able to work with so many different people who all shared similar values,” Caleb said.

Participating in all of these activities helped Caleb meet and make friends with new people, including his wife, Sarah (Smetzer) Liggin (B.S. ’13). Caleb and Sarah were married in August 2013 and live in Peoria, Illinois. They are involved as counselors of Florida College Chicagoland Camp and try to stay in touch with the friends and mentors they built relationships with during their time at Florida College

The couple recently reached out to some of those friends and shared the exciting news that they will be having a baby girl in November 2016, and Caleb is confident their daughter will be a future Falcon.

“I definitely think that our kids will all go to Florida College because I think it is really important for them to have that experience,” Caleb said.

We will be thrilled to welcome a fourth generation of Caleb’s family to the Florida College campus someday!

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