Dr. Thaxter Dickey Receives Carrozza Award

Dr. Thaxter Dickey was honored as the recipient of Florida College’s Carrozza Outstanding Performance Award for the 2015-2016 academic year based on his effectiveness in the classroom, pursuit of professional development and overall involvement within the campus community.

Dickey came to teach at Florida College in 1979, while he was completing the coursework to earn his doctorate degree at the University of South Florida. He began as a part-time psychology professor, but was later hired as a full-time business professor. Dickey has been teaching at Florida College ever since.

“I wouldn’t teach anywhere else,” he said.

As a tenured professor of behavioral science, Dickey currently teaches a wide range of courses including psychology, sociology, economics and honors reading. His students consistently rank his classes among the most difficult and the most interesting at the college. Dickey hopes that, by teaching the social sciences at Florida College, he can help young Christians put these subjects into a biblical framework and defend themselves against the philosophies that threaten to overwhelm Christians in America today.

“I think that here at Florida College I can provide a service above and beyond just teaching the principles and facts of sociology and psychology because I’m teaching brothers and sisters in Christ,” Dickey said.

In addition to teaching, Dickey joins other members of the faculty in sharing in the governance of the academic standards of the college, advising students as they choose classes and prepare for the future, and supporting student events and campus life.

The Carrozza Outstanding Performance Award is sponsored by the generosity of David and Dana Carrozza of Folsom, California, to highlight the critical value of teaching professors at the college and includes an all-expenses paid trip to northern California for the faculty winner and spouse. Recommendations for the award recipient were made by student leaders, department chairs and an array of faculty. Dr. Brian Crispell, Florida College’s academic dean, noted that Dickey’s name was continually brought up as an ideal recipient of this year’s award.

“He earnestly cares for people and has been on my personal ‘most outstanding’ list for about as long as I have known him,” Crispell said.

Congratulations to Dr. Thaxter Dickey for being recognized for outstanding performance as a professor at Florida College!

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