Florida College Will Celebrate Inaugural Legacy Day

Legacy Day is a new Florida College tradition celebrating our four-year graduates, past and present, and encouraging them to reflect on their time at Florida College, the meaningful relationships they built on campus and the impact a Florida College experience had on their lives.

Florida College will celebrate Legacy Day each year alongside the Senior Legacy Ceremony, which is held the day before graduation. The inaugural Legacy Day will be celebrated on Thursday, May 5, 2016.

The first Senior Legacy Ceremony was held in spring 2010. Every academic year since 2010, Florida College seniors have met at the beginning of the year for a Senior Legacy Dinner and the end of the year for a Senior Legacy Ceremony. These events bookend the final year bachelor’s degree graduates will spend on our campus and provide opportunities for them to reflect on their time at Florida College.

At the Senior Legacy Ceremony, seniors are given two specially minted Florida College coins. One coin is for the senior to keep, and the other coin is presented to a person at Florida College who has impacted the senior’s life. This is an emotional event for our seniors as they recognize the Florida College faculty, staff and administrators who mean the most to them.

The Senior Legacy Ceremony is one of President Payne’s favorite events of the year.

“The Senior Legacy Ceremony is certainly one of the most important Florida College events,” Payne said. “The meaningful relationships our four-year graduates recognize on that night are what make Florida College so special.”

Legacy Day will serve as an expansion of the Senior Legacy Ceremony. For the last five years, the Senior Legacy Ceremony has been an event only for current Florida College seniors. Now Legacy Day will be a day for past and present bachelor’s degree graduates to celebrate and remember the Florida College relationships all four-year students have the opportunity to build.

On Legacy Day, we ask our four-year graduates to join us in the celebration. There are several ways you can participate:

1. Reflect on your time at Florida College and remember the people who impacted you during your time here. Reach out to someone who influenced you at Florida College and thank them for making a difference. Share a photo with someone who impacted you or with your coin or honoree from the Senior Legacy Ceremony on Facebook and Instagram by using #FCLegacyDay, and tell us how that person made a difference in your life.

2. Watch this year’s Senior Legacy Ceremony on Livestream to see how the relationships built at Florida College continue to impact four-year students. This year’s bachelor’s degree graduates will honor someone from the Florida College community with a coin and a two-minute speech about how the honoree has made a difference.

3. Consider making a $15 gift to the Senior Legacy Scholarship Fund to help future four-year grads have the opportunity to be impacted by their time at Florida College. Each year, the Senior Legacy Scholarship Fund provides a scholarship for one senior planning to earn a bachelor’s degree from Florida College.

Please join us in celebrating Legacy Day on May 5, 2016!