Florida College Recognizes Academic Award Winners

Florida College recognized a select group of students who received this year’s academic awards after the daily chapel devotion on Wednesday, March 30. The following students were selected by members of the Florida College faculty in their various disciplines for their excellence in the classroom and on their schoolwork.

Art Award – Bryce Bridgeman
Bryce Bridgeman leads the way by not only consistently completing his weekly Visual Warehouse assignments and periodic design projects, but also executes them with excellence and craftsmanship! By listening well to instruction and implementing it, Bryce achieved the self-set goal of drawing with greater realism and perspective. Each semester, we of course strive to advance the student’s graphic communication skills as well as oral communication skills. Bryce distinguishes himself by his outstanding growth and development in both spheres.

Behavioral Science Award – Hannah Henderson
Hannah Henderson is the type of  student who always strives for excellence and is always looking for ways to expand her knowledge. She has demonstrated academic excellence in every behavioral science class that she has taken. Her work sets a standard for others to aim at. She has set herself apart not only by her excellent work but by her enthusiastic pursuit of learning for its own sake. She comes to class on time and is always prepared. More than that, she looks for ways to improve herself each and every day. It has been a joy to have her in class and on this campus.

D. Phillips Roberts Bible Award – Sam Peters
Sam Peters has proven himself to be a conscientious and hard-working student of the Bible. His papers are well-researched and well-written, and he considers arguments and all kinds of evidence carefully to make his understanding of the text his own. He does not simply reproduce what he has heard in classes, nor is he afraid to dig deeply into difficult subjects, but he sifts and analyzes for himself, and his comments in class provide fresh perspectives and challenges for the entire class. In addition, Sam is always well-prepared for discussion and interaction with the topic for the day. Throughout everything, though, shines a sincere humility before the word of God.

Biology Award – Juliana Para
Julianna Parra wants to study medicine, and her success in the biological sciences testifies to her ability and commitment. She manages well the heavy content and technical details while looking to understand how they relate, and sees the big picture.  She is inquisitive, diligent and takes responsibility for her own learning.  She has pursued learning opportunities outside of the classroom through summer internships in research facilities and job shadowing.  In addition, her academic success is complemented by her clear faith in God and the authority of His word – the foundation of all knowledge.

Upper-Division Business Award – Jadon Witt
As the first graduate of the management information systems specialization in the business administration program, Jadon Witt is an excellent choice to represent the department and future graduates in this discipline. Jadon came to Florida College with extensive computer programing skills and since his arrival in fall 2011, he has taken those skills and his humble, servant heart and applied those traits to build a successful academic career at Florida College. As Jadon sets course in his career field, we are certain he will always represent Florida College with great character and an outstanding work ethic.

Lower-Division Business Award – Micah Works
Micah Works has worked very hard to establish himself as an outstanding scholar in the business program in his first year at Florida College. Having completed a number of courses while dual enrolled in high school, Micah is on a fast track to complete his degree very quickly. But Micah’s hard-working attitude proves he is pursuing full value in every course he takes at Florida College, and not just to speed through the program. He serves as an excellent example to all of his fellow students in the classroom.

Chemistry Award – Ginger Trask
Ginger Trask is a spiritually-minded, compassionate and friendly young lady who happens to love chemistry.  She is also good at it, making excellent grades in every chemistry class she has taken.  Her willingness to work and her heart for others have been clearly demonstrated by the outstanding way she has served her fellow students as the Supplemental Instructor for the General Chemistry class this year.  Not only did she provide the General Chemistry class with abundant opportunities for assistance, but she also volunteered her time and her assistance to students in other chemistry classes.

Communication Award – Ashlen Weltz
Ashlen Weltz is a senior in the communication program. She has a tremendous mind for inquiry, bringing keen insights to classroom discussions and depth of research and analysis to her writing. Though soft-spoken, when Ashlen speaks, people listen because what she has to say is always compassionate, uplifting and wise. Her nuanced understanding of human nature, her attention to detail and her godliness have made her a leader among her peers. In speech competitions, in the classroom and in all her interactions, Ashlen is a model of a communication scholar who puts principle into practice.

Computer Science Award – Jadon Witt
Upon entering Florida College’s business administration bachelor’s degree program, Jadon made it known that he aspired to be the first recipient of the B.S. in management information systems. In addition, Jadon showed exceptional aptitude for all things related to information technology. For over a year now, Jadon has not only taken classes to fulfill his aspirations, but has also been invaluable as an IT technician at Florida College. Jadon’s past work experience includes the development of software still used by industry. Jadon continues to advance toward graduation, and quietly goes about his duties working for the IT department. Jadon has endeared himself to countless students needing his help and to all his teachers for his open-minded approach to academics.

Lower-Division Elementary Education Award – Jenna Sink
Jenna Sink has already manifested the desire to be an outstanding teacher. Her teachers have been impressed with her perceptive and thoughtful nature in addition to her work ethic. Jenna’s mind is already working like a teacher and she demonstrates that she understands the material and processes covered in class and can readily apply the information presented. Mr. Benson noted how Jenna puts forth high efforts and produces quality work.

Upper-Division Elementary Education Award – Amanda Williamson
Amanda Williamson is a senior in the elementary education program, and she is a natural teacher. Her instincts about students’ developmental needs in tandem with her skills and determination to excel ensure her a future in education that’s strong and principled.  Amanda’s conscientious nature and academic focus guide her to work in class and with her peers in a respectful, God-fearing manner. We love her spiritual mindedness and zeal for learning.

English Award – Heidi Wickersheim
When Heidi Wickersheim heard about Florida College’s new Bachelor of Arts program in English, she decided to return in fall 2014 to combine her love of reading and literature with her love of God’s word. Since her return, her maturity and growth in literary analysis coupled with her ability to make connections between key literary periods, ideas and works have enriched class discussions and served as a model for her classmates. As a scholar of literature, she demonstrates an acute ability to delve deeper into textual meaning, synthesize learning from a number of disciplines and most importantly, to exemplify a love of learning that inspires professors to do what they do. Heidi is a wonderful example of a Christian young lady who knows her priorities and strives to achieve her goals.

Liberal Studies Award – Haley Bowman
Each year, because of the interdisciplinary emphasis of the liberal studies program, the liberal studies department presents its academic award to a student or students who have demonstrated excellence in more than one discipline. One of this year’s recipients is Haley Bowman, whose degree program has combined behavioral science, biblical literature, health-related sciences and physical education. Haley has distinguished herself in each of those disciplines. According to one of her professors, Haley was excited to discover connections between different disciplines she studied, and she worked hard not simply to memorize content but truly to comprehend.

Liberal Studies Award – Erica Mackey
Erica Mackey is a senior in the liberal studies program and is one of the recipients of the academic award for liberal studies. Her interdisciplinary program has included behavioral science, biblical literature, history and physical education, in all of which she has done outstanding work. Erica has distinguished herself not only in ability, but also in the enthusiasm and drive she displays. As one of her professors observed, “Erica’s desire to truly learn sets her apart.”

Mathematics Award – Olivia Cook
Olivia Cook is very excited about learning! She has completed all of the upper-level mathematic courses with excellence. She has served as a Math Lab leader this year, extending excellent help to other math students. She has also tutored numerous on the side. With an excellent academic record she is a member of Phi Theta Kappa and was recognized for Who’s Who Among Students. Her spiritual values run deep, joining other young women in service and devotion with the Ladies of Virtue and Excellence, LOVE.

French Award – Alyssa Blackwelder
Alyssa Blackwelder is this year’s French award winner. The study of modern language is challenging because it builds on itself; each chapter depends on information learned previously. Additionally, students must learn not only to read and write, but also to communicate effectively through listening comprehension and speaking in the language. Even in this year of high-achievers, Alyssa has excelled above all students in all areas of focus. Her hard work and dedication have set her apart as the student worthy of this honor.

Spanish Award – Abigail Sulc
Abigail Sulc is this year’s Spanish award winner. This honor has traditionally been given to the student achieving the highest cumulative percentage grade over two semesters at the intermediate level. Abi has achieved this goal by consistently demonstrating high levels of language proficiency in all four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Moreover, Abi has worked well with a gifted group of her peers, collaborating in lively conversation and in energetic participation in class activities.

Lower-Division Music Award – Solomon Johnson
Solomon Johnson is a sophomore in the music education program. He has achieved excellent grades during his two years at Florida College, receiving straight A’s in all of his music classes and general education requirements. He is a member of Phi Theta Kappa honor society and Florida College’s chapter of NAfME, serving as treasurer this year. Although piano is his principal instrument, Solomon also plays clarinet and has spent four semesters in wind ensemble in addition to performing in piano ensemble each semester. After he finishes his formal education, Solomon’s ultimate goal is to be an orchestral conductor.

Upper-Division Music Award – Benjamin Holloway
Benjamin Holloway will receive his B.A. in music at the end of this semester, graduating with highest honors. Receiving outstanding grades during his four years as Florida College, Benjamin was selected as a member of Phi Theta Kappa as an underclassman and Alpha Chi as an upper-division student. Piano is his principal instrument, and Benjamin has spent seven semesters as a member of piano ensemble. He sang with the chorus for five semesters and with the Chamber Singers for one semester. He has also been a member of NAfME and currently serves as secretary. His primary interest is in musical composition, for which he received awards in two composition competitions this past year. Benjamin hopes to attend graduate school in the fall as a music theory and composition major.

Physics Award – William Christian
William Christian is an excellent student with a quiet and respectful disposition. William was employed as a physics lab assistant during his first semester at Florida College, and he demonstrated a disciplined work ethic with the grading of the weekly lab reports.  During the current school year, he has excelled in the General Physics with Calculus course, routinely scoring the top grade in the class.  He has been extremely helpful to his fellow classmates and has shown a natural love for learning.  His enjoyment of physics and his attention to detail will serve him well in his quest to become a mechanical engineer.

Social Science Award – Abigail Smith
It is a pleasure to award Abigail Smith the social science award. Abigail has maintained a standard of excellence in her studies throughout her tenure in her work within the school of history. She has excelled in upper-division work and consistently set the standard for her classes.  What sets her apart is a desire to truly study and learn rather than simply make a grade by memorizing facts. Abigail’s outstanding ability and commitment to excellence will serve her well after graduation as she progresses into professional work.

Florida College would like to congratulate these students on their outstanding academic achievements!

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