Dale Dye, Florida College Class of 2012

Even after graduating with his bachelor’s degree in business administration, Dale Dye (B.S. ’12) decided to stay at Florida College to have an opportunity to impact the college’s students the way his life was impacted by caring faculty and staff, like-minded peers, and classroom lessons founded on God’s word.

“I love that I am able to work at a place that shares my spiritual and moral values,” Dye said. “I love Florida College because it stands on a foundation that cannot be broken. I want to be sure that that foundation stays as solid as it is, so my children and grandchildren can attend someday.”

Dye didn’t consider attending Florida College until after he had already earned his associate degree at a community college, attended a large public university and gained some work experience in politics. When he discovered that a public university wasn’t the right fit for him, Dye wasn’t sure where to finish his education.

Growing up as a member of a small congregation in southwestern Virginia, Dye wanted to be surrounded by other Christians his own age and decided to attend Florida College.

“I really wanted to be around folks my age who were Christians and learn in a spiritual environment,” Dye said.

During his time at the college, Dye built deep, meaningful relationships with his classmates as well as his professors and members of the staff and administration. He was especially encouraged by Paul Casebolt, Florida College’s director of admissions.

“Paul was really the one to encourage me to seek leadership positions and be more involved in student life,” Dye said. “He trusted me with leading the Academic Ambassadors the first two years that group existed.”

Casebolt made such an impact on Dye’s Florida College experience that Dye honored him by giving him his coin at the Senior Legacy Ceremony. The ceremony is a special time for seniors to reflect on their experiences and honor the people who made their time at Florida College more meaningful. Even now, as an employee, the Senior Legacy Ceremony is one of Dye’s favorite events of the year.

“It’s always great to see students at the culmination of their time at Florida College be able to reflect on their time at the college and how it impacted their lives,” Dye said. “To hear the stories of how members of our faculty and staff impact the lives of our students is another testament to how Florida College is a unique place to gain an education.”

Dye is thankful to have the opportunity to serve Florida College as the assistant director for alumni and community engagement in the advancement office. In his current role, Dye acts as the liaison between Florida College and local chapters of The Hutchinson Bell, builds relationships with the community in Temple Terrace, Florida, and maintains contact with Florida College’s four-year graduates.

Part of Dye’s responsibility is to encourage bachelor’s degree graduates to make a small donation to the college to secure Florida College’s place on U.S. News & World Report’s list of most-loved colleges. This ranking helps to motivate other donors to financially support Florida College in a big way.

As a four-year graduate himself, Dye chooses to make gifts to Florida College because he loves the school.

“I donate because I want to see the college succeed,” Dye said. “I was only able to be here for two years, but I see so many students who are excited for their futures.”

Thanks to support from Dale Dye and other bachelor’s degree graduates like him, Florida College will have the opportunity to serve students for generations to come.

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