Hallie Earnhart Wins #GivingTuesday Scholarship

Hallie Earnhart was selected as the winner of the $1,000 #GivingTuesday scholarship to Florida College in recognition of her efforts to give back to her community in Bowling Green, Kentucky.


Hallie (pictured left) is a senior in high school and serves her community with Curbside Ministries, spending time with kids in low-income neighborhoods. She loves having the opportunity to work with kids of all ages and watch their hearts grow closer to God as they sing songs, play games and participate in devotionals.

“To me, giving back isn’t about the credit or recognition you can receive but about spending your own time and resources doing something you love,” Hallie said.

In addition to her efforts with Curbside Ministries, Hallie also started an organization called Blessings Well Spent with other high-school students to raise money to build wells and send Bibles to children in impoverished communities in Africa. She helped organize a garage sale to raise $2,500 for the cause, and she also raises money by selling handmade items on Etsy. Hallie gives back to others through organizations like Curbside Ministries and Blessings Well Spent because she feels that she has so much to be thankful for.

“Once you open your eyes to all the immense blessings God has given you, your heart should only naturally want to give to others, whether that be through the giving of your time, money or sharing your knowledge of Christ with someone who may not have ever heard his message,” Hallie said.

Hallie would like to continue serving others throughout her life by becoming a pediatric nurse. In order to achieve that goal, she plans to begin working toward an associate degree at Florida College in the fall and then move on to study nursing at another institution. Hallie is also looking forward to taking advantage of opportunities to serve on campus at Florida College. She hopes to get involved with student government and a society and serve the school as an Alpha Club member.

“I am most excited about building relationships with my peers and teachers and always knowing that they will be there to help me academically and spiritually,” Hallie said. “That’s the beauty of Florida College. Everyone wants you to succeed academically and to succeed in growing closer to God.”

Florida College would like to thank Hallie Earnhart for her extraordinary efforts to serve others and congratulate her on winning the $1,000 #GivingTuesday scholarship!

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