Kindsey Kirkwood is living His way.

Kindsey Kirkwood isn’t planning to enter the medical field just to follow in her family’s footsteps. She hopes to use her skills to live a life of service to others.

“I want a job that is more than a means to a paycheck,” Kindsey said. “I want to feel like I’m helping others.”

After graduating from her high school in Houston, Texas, Kindsey started her college career at a large, public university and planned to avoid studying medicine. She wanted to be sure that her career choice was her own and not based on the fact that she comes from a family of doctors. But Kindsey was overwhelmed with the university’s size and didn’t feel like it was helping her reach her goals.

“I felt like I was drowning,” Kindsey said. “I wanted to be somewhere that was more personal and spiritual.”

When Kindsey transferred to Florida College, she fell in love with the pre-professional health science specialization and realized she wanted to pursue a career in the medical field after all.

While studying at Florida College, Kindsey is able to tailor her liberal studies degree to fit her needs instead of getting lost in a sea of other students in the same program. She has the opportunity to take classes in other fields of study, making her a well-rounded student.

“Florida College is different because it looks at the whole student,” Kindsey said.

Kindsey believes that her liberal studies background makes her more desirable for graduate programs, internships and jobs. It even helped her to land a three-and-a-half week internship in London last summer. Kindsey worked in a hospital during her time abroad, learning more about the business side of the medical field. She also connected with the local church in London, building relationships with Christians from another country.

At Florida College, Kindsey has had similar opportunities to build relationships with her peers and professors. She believes these friendships will last beyond her time at school because they are based on something deeper than shared likes and dislikes.

“We’re always going to be connected through faith,” Kindsey said.

Kindsey plans to finish her coursework for a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies with a specialization in pre-professional health science at the end of the fall semester and then apply to graduate school. She hopes to use the knowledge she has gained to serve others as a physicians assistant.

That’s how Kindsey Kirkwood is living His way.

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