Justin Berss is leading His way.

Justin Berss served in the U.S. military for four years before coming to Florida College to study the Bible and prepare for a life of preaching the gospel and leading the lost to the truth.

Justin became a Christian while he was on leave after studying with a friend from high-school who had fallen away but recently made his life right with God.

“Seeing a change in his life made me take a look at mine and see where I was going,” Justin said.

Justin’s recent conversion gives him a special compassion for those who are lost and inspires him to share the gospel with others. He is working toward a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies and plans to become a full-time preacher after graduation.

“Florida College has prepared me tremendously for the future,” Justin said. “I have learned so much in Bible classes. You have so many opportunities to grow spiritually.”

While he is studying at Florida College, Justin takes opportunities to lead spiritually on campus as well. He offered the first student-led chapel devotion this year and is serving as the instructor for Bible Lab, helping students learn to better understand the Bible and prepare for their daily Bible courses.

“I try to lead by example in my own actions and be there to do those small things,” Justin said, “whether it’s helping someone in a difficult situation or teaching them about the gospel.”

Ultimately Justin is thankful that his time at Florida College has brought him closer to God and prepared him for a life of service to his creator.

That’s how Justin Berss is leading His way.

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