Austin Miller is leading His way.

Austin Miller is leading on campus as the captain of the Florida College Oratory Union and the editor of the Royal Palm Yearbook. These organizations have given him the opportunity to build relationships with like-minded friends, achieving his primary goal for coming to Florida College.

“Coming to Florida College, I wanted to have Christian friends because I had never had that before,” Austin said. “That was a big appeal.”

As the son of a retired Army colonel, Austin moved often while he was growing up and didn’t have the opportunity to make many Christian friends, but during his time at Florida College, Austin has made connections with Christians from all across the country.

Austin has done more than just make friends during his time on campus, though. He is a senior in the communication program and is also working toward a minor in business. Austin has learned how a publication is run as he works with the Royal Palm Yearbook staff, he has served as a Supplemental Instructor for a communication course, and he has traveled around the U.S. competing as a member of the Oratory Union.

Austin’s involvement with the Oratory Union has other benefits as well. He enjoys the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics and debate both sides of an argument, a skill that is vital to a Christian.

“I think, as Christians, it is so important that we are able to see other people’s viewpoints to be able to understand them and empathize with them,” Austin said. “That’s really what Oratory Union has given me.”

Austin often takes opportunities to talk to his friends and classmates about the issues facing the world today, and he leads discussions about how Christians should face these issues. He believes it is important to stay informed about the world around him to find opportunities to lead others to Christ.

“It’s important to talk about issues facing our church, issues facing our families, our country and our world,” Austin said. “We have to remember there are people out there who are suffering and who need Christ.”

That’s how Austin Miller is leading His way.

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