Lee Biles Speaks to Florida College Students for the Distinguished Speaker Series

Lee Biles, founder and owner of 5 B’s Embroidery, spoke to students as the first of this year’s guests of the Distinguished Speaker Series at Florida College. Biles led the students in devotional thoughts during a chapel assembly and addressed the entire student body after the devotion period. He also spoke to business students about how he achieved his success during a special luncheon and during an upper-division class while he was on campus.

From humble beginnings in his basement, Biles grew 5 B’s Embroidery into one of the most successful embroidery businesses in the world. 5 B’s Embroidery is currently housed in a 170,000 square foot facility in Zanesville, Ohio, and Biles is still striving to achieve the same mission he started with more than 30 years ago: to be the best privately owned embroidery business in the world.

Biles’ tremendous success in the embroidery industry qualifies him to speak to Florida College students about how to face difficulties and strive for success in the modern business world. In addition to offering encouragement and advice, Biles challenged the upper-division students in the business program to work hard to pursue their dreams with God as their guide.

Florida College regularly invites guest speakers, like Lee Biles, to visit campus for the Distinguished Speaker Series in order to provide students with opportunities to learn from others who are positive role models and successful in their chosen fields.

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