Antonio Ruggiero is leading His way.

You would be hard-pressed to find an aspect of campus life where Antonio Ruggiero isn’t taking advantage of a chance to lead. Antonio has held more leadership positions at Florida College than are available to most high-school students.

“I think Florida College has given me a plethora of avenues to take the opportunity to lead,” Antonio said. “I’ve been able to take leadership positions since my sophomore year at college, more than I ever did in high school.”

In the classroom, Antonio is leading an entire degree program and will be the first male graduate from the new English program at Florida College. He also serves as an academic ambassador for his program and as a Supplemental Instructor for Mrs. Atherton’s freshman composition classes. As an aspiring English teacher and track and field coach, Antonio is thrilled to work his way through a new program that will help him succeed.

“It’s really cool to be in a new program, because I get to establish the foundation for it and there is an excitement among the teachers,” he said. “The teachers are all incredibly passionate about the subject, which makes classes entertaining but also very challenging.”

Antonio is leading outside the classroom as well. In the residence halls, he has served as a dorm monitor in Boswell Hall and will be working on the security night watch this next year. Among his society members, Antonio was elected the male athletic director for Zeta Phi. He was also selected by the dean of students to serve as a member of Alpha Club.

Throughout this summer, Antonio is working for Florida College as a Camp Friend. He is enjoying traveling across the country, meeting new people and connecting with campers.

“Being a camp friend has been a totally different experience than anything I’ve ever done before,” Antonio said. “It has allowed me to have an impact on such a wide variety of people and age groups. At the end of each camp, knowing that you’ve made an impact on so many people personally and spiritually is very encouraging.”

The best part about leadership for Antonio is the opportunity to cultivate new relationships.

“Above everything else—the academics, the activities, the dorm life—I think the relationships I have created at Florida College are the most important,” he said. “Those relationships are something I’ll treasure forever.”

That’s how Antonio is leading His way.