Record Participants Volunteer at Labor Camp

A total of 104 participants volunteered at this year’s Labor Camp, beating last year’s record of 94 participants. Over the course of the week, the volunteers completed the equivalent of approximately $63,000 of labor for the College.

This year’s Labor Camp participants completed variety of projects to improve campus:

  • Cleaning the elementary education building, the Hailey-King building, the Akin building, Chatlos Library and Jennifer Hall
  • Pressure washing the Riverwalk Amphitheatre and River Road
  • Painting Boswell Hall, Jennifer Hall, the administration building, Chatlos Library and River Road
  • Landscaping at Henderson Dining Hall, Society Circle, Graduation Walk, the Riverwalk Amphitheatre, College Hall and Palm Plaza
  • Restaining the gazebo and Hammontree benches
  • Cutting and framing a new window for the A/V room in Puckett Auditorium
  • Hanging new speakers and building a desk in Puckett Auditorium
  • Building a wall in the administration building

Florida College’s director of alumni relations Adam Olson was thrilled with the volunteer turnout as well as their efforts.

“Labor Camp continues to be a testament to the spirit of service that characterizes Florida College,” Olson said. “We are humbled and inspired by this amazing core of volunteers and their love for Florida College.”

Florida College would like to extend a special thanks to the dedicated volunteers who participated in Labor Camp.

To view photos from the week, visit Florida College’s Facebook page.

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