Florida College Students Win Best-Strategy Invitational

Two Florida College students won the grand championship at the May 2015 GLO-BUS Best-Strategy Invitational.

The Florida College team, Digivolve, consisted of Nathan McNabb (B.S. ’15) and Jeffrey Striedel (B.S. ’15). The Florida College students won their industry group of nine teams and recorded the highest overall score in the international competition.

McNabb and Striedel were invited to participate in the competition after winning the GLO-BUS simulation exercise completed in the business administration program at Florida College. Paul Greiving, the chair of the business department, uses the competition as a teaching tool during his strategic management course and commented on the students’ efforts during the classroom simulation.

“Nathan and Jeff were insightful and unusually persistent as they worked through the GLO-BUS simulation in the spring,” Greiving said. “I have no doubt those skills helped them as they competed in the international BSI competition.”

McNabb and Striedel won the grand championship with an overall score of 115, which included six bonus points earned by successfully forecasting the tactical moves of their competitors—the result of significant persistence throughout the two-week competition.

“We pinpointed prime competitors and stayed on top of them,” Striedel said. “We spent at least eight hours each day just to know how the market would move and how we needed to position ourselves.”

McNabb and Striedel agreed that the business program at Florida College helped prepare them for the competition, and Greiving felt their knowledge of a breadth of disciplines was a primary factor in their success.

“Every student [in the business program at Florida College] must take at least one course in each business discipline–accounting, finance, marketing, business law, management–as part of the academic regimen,” Greiving said. “The GLO-BUS simulation requires participants to draw from all of these disciplines as they hone their skills in strategic planning and execution.”

Graduates of the Florida College business program, like McNabb and Striedel, are equipped with all the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in a competitive and evolving business environment.

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