Join us in helping young adults find
The Way
A Florida College Capital Campaign

In forming one’s identity, no time is more critical than when a young adult transitions into independence—an exploration of one’s vocation, partnership and faith. Thus, colleges across the nation encourage tolerance of self-exploration in search of one’s identity. Culture increasingly values standards that stray from the Christian principles upon which our nation, heritage and personal faith are founded.

Around 50 percent of students leave their faith in college, according to fuller youth institute

For believers in The Way, the need is growing for a place that encourages young people to grow spiritually as well as academically during this critical time of self-exploration. We believe the only profitable pursuit of knowledge is one that acknowledges the fear of the Lord as the beginning of wisdom.

Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 for the express purpose of helping students come to Florida College.

President Payne’s Campaign Speech

Listen to a recap of President Payne’s speech introducing The Way Forward Capital Campaign and hear of the work already being done in our fundraising efforts!

“According to The Way, which they call a sect, I worship the God of our fathers, believing everything laid down by Law and written in the Prophets, having a hope in God…”

Join Us April 2 - 6

Throughout the Way Forward Giving Week, there will be generous donors who are participating in matching gifts. This means that your donation will be doubled to provide even more scholarship opportunities for Florida College students.

The money you will donate to The Way Forward Capital Campaign has one purpose: to get more students to Florida College. Our goal is to recruit more students, give more scholarships and provide more opportunities for young people to learn more about The Way.