Kamp Kennessee played a major role in Tanner Pearson’s decision to come to Florida College. Now he is traveling the country as a Camp Friend, leading campers’ lives closer to God, helping them build better relationships with one another and ensuring they have loads of fun, all while planting the seeds of a Florida College education.

“We always viewed Camp Friends as a big deal at Kamp Kennessee,” Tanner said. “To see myself in that position to interact with kids from so many different backgrounds and be able to try to spread the influence of Florida College and encourage as many kids as I can is an incredible opportunity.”

As a senior from Bowling Green, Kentucky, Tanner came to Florida College to study in the organizational communication program and prepare for a career in medical device sales. His time in the classroom has given him a foundation of knowledge in both business and communication which will benefit him as he begins work after graduation.

In addition to his studies, Tanner is actively involved on campus. He is a member of Phi Sigma Chi and served as the society president during his sophomore year. He was also elected to the SBGA as a freshman class officer and served diligently in that role. Tanner has had more opportunities to get involved at Florida College than he might have had at another institution.

“Florida College is a unique environment and presents a lot of interesting opportunities to get involved,” he said. “The ability you have to spread your influence and to hone your leadership skills is really good.”

Tanner believes that Florida College has helped him to grow physically, socially, academically and spiritually during some of the most important years of his life. That well-rounded education has helped him develop the leadership skills he’ll need to be successful later in life.

“Florida College gave me the best chance and the most opportunities to improve myself as whole, rather than just academically,” Tanner said.

That’s how Tanner Pearson is leading His way.