Growing up in Orlando, Florida, Tania Steele heard countless stories about the lifelong friendships she could build and the social and spiritual environment she could experience at Florida College from members of her local congregation and friends at Florida Camp.

“I made up my mind to at least try it.” Tania said. “I ended up loving it and staying for four years.”

Tania was actively involved at her high school, participating in a variety of sports teams and extracurricular organizations while working toward a GPA that earned her the honor of valedictorian. Now Tania is just as involved on campus at Florida College while she works toward her bachelor’s degree. She has served as the female athletic director for Arete and the secretary for Rotaract and is a member of Ladies of Virtue and Excellence and Phi Theta Kappa.

In addition to her other activities, Tania has also spent the last two summers traveling the country as Florida College Camp Friend. She loves using her role to be a positive influence in the lives of the young people she meets and hopes some of them will choose to do the same thing someday.

“I loved my experience as a camper,” Tania said. “When I was watching the Camp Friends, I knew I wanted to be in that position to share my experiences at Florida College and try to help another person consider doing what I did.”

Although she loves to be involved, Tania maintains a strong emphasis on academics. She is about to begin her final year in the organizational communication program, combining her passion for both communication and business. The program provides her with a broad range of knowledge and skills to prepare her for a variety of job opportunities, and she works hard to learn as much as she can from each of her classes.

“It’s definitely harder to study in college because of the social aspect,” Tania said. “Secluding yourself from distractions and not slacking off is important because you’re responsible for yourself.”

Tania’s outstanding efforts are obvious to those around her, including her classmates. This year, she was honored as Miss Florida College, the highest honor the Florida College student body can bestow on a fellow student.

“It’s really humbling to know that people are watching me and that I can make a difference,” Tania said.

That’s how Tania Steele is learning His way.