Student Life

Spiritual Activities

Florida College is more than classes and collegiate pursuits. We believe that higher education should instruct your soul as much as your mind, and we hope to encourage you to live above the world and look beyond this life.

In addition to being experts in their fields, our professors are first and foremost servants of Christ. As such, they teach their classes with the ultimate aim of helping you become the best servant you can be in God’s kingdom.

We try to make our relationship with God and His Son a part of daily life. Each day begins with all of the students and faculty joined together for a moment of praise and devotion, and throughout the day it’s common to find students joined together in prayer, song, or simply talking about their faith.

Many find the experience of being part of a student body of over 500 Christians to be life-changing. The bond of friendship that Florida College students share in the Lord is a unique closeness that extends far beyond their time at college.