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Florida College’s student organizations will prepare you for better service to your creator and humanity by encouraging you to develop qualities of leadership, cooperation and creativity. Whether you’re interested in fine arts, intramural sports, student government or service activities, there’s room for everyone to get involved at Florida College.

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Like the Greek word suggests, Alpha Club members are the first. They are the first impression new students have on move-in day, the first to arrive and serve visitors at Lectures, and they are the front line of the student body.
APPLE (All Positive People Love Education) Club is a popular choice among students in the elementary education program at Florida College. Members strive to develop leadership capabilities and explore topics of interest in the field of education.
Camp Friends are Florida College’s student ambassadors at the 22 FC camps in 18 different states. Camp Friends go through an audition process are selected by the office of admissions. They are oriented at a special bootcamp during the school year, and are then assigned in groups to travel to various camps during the following summer.
NAfME is the collegiate branch of the Music Educator’s National Conference, a national professional organization that supports music educators and music education in schools. Members of NAfME participate in musical events and activities, promote music on campus and in local schools, and tap into a large network of resources including the annual regional convention in downtown Tampa.

Visit this site for more information about NAfME.

The CREST (Christians for the Research and Exploration of Science and Technology) Club emphasizes the importance of studying science in the context of a Creator. The club is composed of students interested in exploring and participating in scientific studies, lectures, projects and field trips.
The Footlighters are volunteer students who help with all aspects of theatrical productions. The group is responsible for organizing the student-produced fall play. The show does not go on without these talented students.
The Oratory Union is a speech and debate organization that competes in several forms of competitive speaking, from prepared platform speeches to limited preparation speaking to oral interpretation events. The group travels for several competitions throughout the year and also participates in a showcase on campus.

For more information about the Florida College Oratory Union, contact Dr. Matt Johnson at

The Sowers is an organization for men, designed to help develop their spiritual character and leadership skills. The Sowers meet regularly for Bible studies and spiritual discussions. They also invite guest speakers to special workshops and hold their own lectureship during the year.
The Student Body Government Association (SBGA) is one of the best avenues for student leadership. Members of SBGA are selected by their peers and spearhead several fundraisers and events throughout the year. Most notably, the SBGA plans both the fall and spring banquets.
LOVE (Ladies of Virtue and Excellence) is a group of women who seek to take advantage of the exceptional opportunities for spiritual fellowship and growth during their time at Florida College. Members enjoy frequent fellowship and learn from experienced, godly women through regular meetings and workshops.
The Chorus is the voice of Florida College, and the group’s recordings and performances have encouraged and uplifted listeners for decades. The Chorus performs a wide variety of music, both sacred and secular. The sacred songs are professionally recorded in the spring and available on CD for purchase shortly thereafter. The group also hits the road every spring for a weeklong, whirlwind tour to different parts of the country.

The group meets every weekday for college credit and advanced guidance under the direction of Dr. Jon Bassett. Being in the Chorus provides a great way to connect to other students, explore your love and talent for singing, and ultimately edify others and magnify God with your voice.

For more information about the Florida College Chorus, visit this site or contact Dr. Jon Bassett at

The Florida College Friends is the premiere performing group on campus. A select crew of student musicians and vocalists is selected every year to perform exciting shows of popular radio hits and bygone favorites. The Friends perform several times on campus throughout the school year, at many local shows and all over the country on their annual summer tour.

For more information about the Florida College Friends, contact Adam Olson at

The Florida College Wind Ensemble performs some of the best literature written for the medium, most of it written for and recorded by professional and collegiate ensembles. Whether you were a member of an all-state or honor band or just loved making music with your friends in high school, there is a role for you to play in this ensemble.

Our students enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of learning and performing advanced music with fellow Christians who have various college majors and come from different parts of the world. The Wind Ensemble performs at fall and spring concerts, the February Lectureship concert and the annual spring tour. When the concert attire comes off and the Pep Band uniforms go on, nothing compares with the excitement of the Falcon basketball team taking the floor while the stands rock to the beat of the Falcon Pep Band!

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For more information about the Florida College Wind Ensemble, including how to apply for a Band scholarship, visit this site or contact Brian Rainwater at

The Florida College Jazz Ensemble performs many musical styles including swing, Latin, rock and others. In addition to regular semester concerts, our performances include select Falcon Days concerts for prospective students and parents, the annual Jazz Holiday event in December, the Lectureship concert and the Coffee vs. Curfew event in April. This group may also tour with the Wind Ensemble.

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For more information about the Florida College Jazz Ensemble, including how to apply for a Band scholarship, visit this site or contact Brian Rainwater at

The Florida College String Ensemble performs music for small ensembles and joins with wind players and guest string players to perform pieces written for full orchestras. The group also performs with chorus and guest soloists.

For more information about string opportunities at Florida College, visit this site or contact Dr. Jon Bassett at