Zeta Phi Epsilon

“Zeta Phi Epsilon is the best society. It is a diverse group of people from all walks of life and really does not fit into a category or stereotype (except for the fact that the majority of us love Ultimate Frisbee). It is just a well-rounded group of people who like to have fun, grow spiritually, and enjoy being victorious. In years previous Zeta Phi was known as the lazy society that does not care about anything. Last year under the presidency of DJ Buselmier and the other great officers, as well as the awesome members, we broke the mold of being a lazy society and showed the school who we were by becoming society champions! We plan to work even harder than last year and keep our title as the reigning society champions! The members of Zeta Phi are dedicated to the society and love the society. The officers are dedicated, I am dedicated, and we are really looking forward to a great year. WE ARE…ZETA!”

Alex Via
Past President

Office Name
President Ryan Ramans
Vice President Emma Angelo
Secretary Emma Bingham
Treasurer Clay Soto
Athletic Directors Ryan Shutt/Beau Kirkwood
Spirit Leader Jen Gorman
Historians Laney Griffeth/Rachel LaGrone