Student Life

Organizations and Activities

Florida College is host to a number of student organizations and activities designed to provide service and leadership opportunities for our students. Below is a list of our student organizations. The menu on the right contains special sections for the Fine Arts as well as our six societies.

Alpha Club

Like the Greek word suggests, Alpha Club members are the first—the first impression new students have on move-in day, the first to arrive and serve visitors at Lectures—they are the front line of the student body.


APPLE (All Positive People Love Education) Club members strive to develop leadership capabilities and explore topics of interest in the field of education.

Camp Friends

Camp Friends are Florida College’s student ambassadors at the 22 FC camps in 18 different states. The Friends get oriented at a special bootcamp during the school year, and are then assigned in teams to various camps during the following summer.


NAfME is the collegiate branch of the Music Educator’s National Conference, a national professional organization that supports music educators and music education in schools. Members of NAfME participate in musical events and activities, promote music on campus and in local school and tap into a large network of resources including the annual regional convention in downtown Tampa.

Circle K

Circle K, a branch of the international Kiwanis family, is a group of students that gives to the community through fundraisers, service projects and volunteer work.


The CREST (Christians for the Research and Exploration of Science and Technology) Club is composed of students interested in exploring and participating in extra scientific studies projects and field trips.


The Footlighters are a group of volunteer students who help with all aspects of theatrical productions. From sets and props to tickets and advertising, the show does not go on without these talented students.

Oratory Union

Formerly known as “forensics,” this speech and debate organization competes in several forms of competitive speaking, from prepared platform speeches to limited preparation speaking to oral interpretation events.

The Sowers

The Sowers is an on-campus organization for men, designed to help develop their spiritual character and leadership skills. The Sowers meet regularly to discuss spiritual subjects, often invite guest speakers to special workshops and hold their own lectureship during the year.

Student Body Government

The Student Body Government Association (SBGA) is one of the best avenues for student leadership. The SBGA spearheads several fundraisers and events throughout the year—most notably the Spring Banquet—and their suggestions to the administration are highly valued.


The purpose of LOVE (Ladies of Virtue and Excellence) is to provide opportunities for spiritual fellowship and growth to the women of Florida College, and to learn from experienced, godly women through regular meetings and workshops.

Chess Club

Once a year, students who display a great interest and aptitude in chess compete against faculty and staff members.