Florida College honored René and Dee Anderson with the Friend to Youth award following the evening lecture on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016. The Friend to Youth award is the most prestigious honor awarded at Florida College.

René and Dee first came to Florida College as students in 1970 and brought strong musical talents. They were both members of the chorus and sang duets together while René played the guitar. Their common love of music soon became a love of one another, and the two were married in 1971. Forty-five years later, anyone who knows René and Dee can hardly imagine them apart.

It wasn’t until René retired from full-time work that the two decided to become dorm parents. René and Dee moved to Florida College in 1995 and have been parenting hundreds of young men each year ever since.

René and Dee truly love their “boys,” as they would call the students who live in their residence halls, and they play a vital role in the Florida College experience. They are currently serving as the dorm parents of Boswell Hall, the only men’s residence hall on campus.

Love from René and Dee comes in two forms. From René, you can expect a headlock instead of a hug, and “Momma Dee,” as she is affectionately known, is always ready to make a grilled cheese sandwich. While a headlock or a sandwich may seem like a silly expression of love, to their boys, it means the world. René and Dee are amazing examples of unconditional love, dedicated service and faith in God.

For more than 20 years, René and Dee have been giving of themselves for the benefit of Florida College students, and if René has his way, they’ll be doing it for many more.

Florida College would like to thank René and Dee Anderson for their outstanding service to Florida College students and congratulate them on receiving the 2016 Friend to Youth award!

“This job will never bring you fortune and it will never bring you great fame, at least not outside of our humble campus. But we want you to know that every spiritual, emotional and physical gift you have given to each young man entrusted in your care has not gone unnoticed and has been deemed priceless.”
Dr. Steven Chumbley
“Friends to Youth? These two epitomize that. They would lay down their lives for their youthful friends, and in many, many ways, they have.”
Ralph Walker
“The Andersons are the real deal. They stand for the truth, encourage youth and serve the Lord in every facet of their lives. They are another great example of what makes this place so special!”
Keri Cline
“René and Dee have had such a profound impact on my life I’m not sure where to start. If it weren’t for them, my life would be very different.”
Kyle Edwards