Although Noelani Lee is the first person from her family to attend Florida College, she has heard countless stories of the friendships formed and memories made at the school.

“Meeting people and hearing about their experiences with the school was what made me decide to come to Florida College,” Noelani said. “Any time I talked to people from my congregation or older friends who had gone here, their experiences were overwhelmingly positive.”

Many of the stories Noelani heard about Florida College were from volunteers at Florida College Oregon Camp. She grew up attending the camp, and she had countless opportunities to build relationships with campers, counselors and Camp Friends.

Noelani came to study in the liberal studies program at Florida College so she could enjoy the same kinds of experiences she had at camp. She is studying in the pre-professional health sciences program to become a Physician Assistant. She is also actively involved on campus with Zeta Phi Epsilon and the Health Science Association.

Now that she’s a student, the memories she has of her Camp Friends over the years inspired her to become a Camp Friend and impact other young people.

“I remember looking up to my camp friends so much,” Noelani sad. “Now when I’m in that situation, it’s a lot of pressure but it is also one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”

As a Camp Friend, Noelani gets to spend the summer traveling across the country with a group of friends to attend Florida College camps. Throughout her journeys, she has been able to stay in the homes of Florida College alumni and friends in many different cities and states. That allows her to learn more about them and their work, growing her network and preparing her for her future.

“I’ve met a lot of people I’ve been able to talk to about their jobs,” Noelani said. “When you’re staying at their houses, you have time to talk to them and get to know them.”

Even when Noelani is on campus at Florida College, the school feels like more than the students, faculty and staff living and working around her. Being surrounded by so many Christians at local congregations in the area creates an environment unlike anything she has experienced. Noelani gets to build lifelong relationships with people on and off campus.

That’s how Noelani Lee is living His way.