Zac McCray is living His way

October 1, 2012

In high school, Zac McCray knew a lot of answers. Enough, in fact, to graduate with a 4.1 GPA and achieve an ACT score of 32. But the sophomore is well aware that an indication of what one can do is not often so calculable, and that success is determined by more than numbers.

“It’s not something academic,” he said. “True success has to do with how one lives their life as a whole.”

Zac entered Florida College with that mindset, combining his academic rigor with his versatility. His freshman year he joined the honors society Phi Beta Kappa and won the Communication award. He was also very involved in Phi Sig where he helped organize several society activities including Midnight Madness.

As Zac begins a second year at the College, he acknowledges a key ingredient in his achievements.

“I’ve always been taught that preparation is a key factor of success,” he said. “Whether it’s a pop quiz or planning a school-wide event, a prepared mind can handle anything.”

Zac’s academic excellence in high school helped prepare him for success at Florida College; he now begins preparation for his life’s next step as one of the latest members of the College’s pre-med program.

“After Florida College I plan on attending medical school, where I’ll specialize in orthodontics,” he said. “I’d like to open my own practice, and maybe do some part-time preaching.”

Outside the academic spectrum, Zac’s likableness and thorough involvement in student life has placed him in the spotlight and piqued the interest of the 2011-2012 sophomore class officers.

“We urged Zac to run for office,” said former class president Clay Soto. “This job is about serving people with your unique gifts, and Zac has a lot of them.”

Soto, a junior, now serves as president of the entire student body and looks forward to a year of collaboration with Zac and the sophomore class.

“He has the personality to draw a crowd, the mind to create something great and the drive to lead in the right way,” he said. “We’ve collaborated some already, and we can’t wait to work with him more.”

Zac enters this year with great enthusiasm, and with an even greater sense of preparation. “It’s only been one year and I already feel like I’ve learned to use my talents better,” he said. “I know I’ll enjoy the rest of my time here, but I still recognize I have to begin preparing for what’s next.”

That’s how Zac is living His way.