William Hammontree is leading His way

November 1, 2012

William Hammontree had always been well acquainted with Florida College. Growing up in Temple Terrace and frequenting the many campus events, it seemed the College’s “lofty pines” were always in his future.

“I lived across the street from the campus and my family has always had many ties to the school,” he said. “I never imagined going to college anywhere else, but I also never imagined coming to Florida College would be so rewarding in just my first year.”

In that year he was elected president of the freshman class, served as Phi Sig’s athletic director and was a member of the College’s soccer team. The common thread of these activities?

“Cooperation,” he said. “By being involved in student life, I’ve learned that in order for anything to be successful—student government, society life, soccer—communication and selflessness is key.”

William maintained his involvement in all these offices while managing a comparably successful academic career, achieving a 4.0 GPA and devoting hours every week to helping others as a Math Lab tutor.

William describes his coming to Florida College as common sense, but his experience thus far has been anything but common.

“For me, being taught by people I’ve worshiped with my whole life has been the most unique part of Florida College,” he said. “I realize now that in very few places do students get to see the lives their professors live on the weekends. I have that here—we all do—and it’s a great example.”

As William enters his sophomore year, he continues to be strengthened by the examples he sees around him, and is mindful to emulate the attitudes that have provided him with encouragement and growth.

That’s how William is leading His way.