Tim Haynes is learning His way

March 3, 2014


The phrase “creature of habit” implies the ordinary and often carries dull connotations. But Tim Haynes, a self-described creature of habit, is anything but ordinary and far from dull. That’s because his chief habit is to always try something new.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned at Florida College is to take every chance to try or do something new, and to never be afraid to do it.”

In high school, Tim thrived behind this perspective. He earned his third-degree black belt in Choi Kwan Do, received the Silver Key academic art award, and reached Eagle Scout status, and subsequently the ranks of senior patrol leader and most recently, assistant troop scout master.

Tim spent much of high school perfecting the German language, and earned the German Award in each of his four years. He further developed this proficiency outside the classroom, and he earned second place in extemporaneous speaking at his state’s German convention. One of his proudest achievements is his self-declared status of King of the National German Honor society — a proclamation, he noted, which carried the full endorsement of his instructor.

At Florida College, Tim’s eagerness to try and learn new things worked in concert with his boundless charisma to earn him a different, more tangible crown. He was recently named homecoming king by his peers, the student-elected distinction of service and school spirit. A year before that, he was elected sophomore class president. He excelled in academics as well, and works as a student tutor in the math lab. Tim has always had a knack for mathematics, and plans on majoring in the subject next year at a university back home.

Though he admits he’s a bit rusty, the linguistic wunderkind continued to cultivate his German-speaking, and regularly reads in the language to keep sharp. Tim further delved into German in 2012 when he traveled to Kiel and witnessed the work of the preacher his home congregation supports. The trip inspired him to one day live in Germany, and perhaps even work with the churches there.

He believes his time spent at Florida College will undoubtedly help him in future efforts; because while his two years here allowed him to continue trying and learning new things, it also allowed him to learn more about himself.

“I learned about where I stand, what I believed,” he said. “I knew that going in, but my time here has reinforced my faith in God, and has taught me to think very thoroughly what I believe and has grounded me intellectually.”

That’s how Tim is learning His way.