Sarah Smetzer is living His way

March 1, 2011

Sarah Smetzer came to Florida College praying that the school would add a communication degree.

“My parents were hesitant to send me to FC,” she says. Latching onto newspaper and yearbook in her high school in Frisco, Texas, and imbued with a passion from one teacher in particular, Sarah aspired to a career in sports journalism. She was unsure whether FC would be able to help her get there, but she was anxious to make it work.

With the addition of communication to FC’s catalog of bachelor programs in this, Sarah’s sophomore year, she will eagerly join the program’s first graduating class this fall.

“The people here have been so welcoming and so encouraging,” she says, “that it’s made me want to stay even longer.” Knowing that all of her teachers care about her and want to see her “the whole way through this four-year program” makes pursuing her bachelor’s degree at FC all the sweeter.

Sarah is drawn to sports journalism because of a passion that was planted in her youth. She looked up to her brother in every aspect, and his favorite sport was basketball. She remembers playing with him in the backyard and watching the game together, and a family bonding time naturally developed into an athletic passion.

“Basketball is the best sport ever invented,” she asserts without apology.

Sarah’s strategy at present is to cover sports as a reporter for a time, and then return to the high school classroom (as a teacher) where her enthusiasm for journalism began.

“I want to be one of those reporters that people can trust whenever I’m writing something,” she says. “With sports journalism specifically, I want to give people a perspective of the game, as if they were really there. To get the same feel, the same love of the sport.”

In the field of journalism, one often associated with bias and even slander, Sarah hopes to be a light. “Through everything I do, I want to serve God,” she says. “Hopefully people will know me by my truth, know that I will do what’s right in God’s sight.” Whether as sports reporter or high school teacher, Sarah is intent on living His way.