Sara Roberts is living His way

January 1, 2014


Sara Roberts always expected to come to Florida College. What she didn’t expect is be a veteran of chorus, chamber chorus and the Hutchinson stage four years after her arrival.

“As soon as I arrived I fell in love with being on stage here,” she said. “Singing and performing motivates me to do everything else well. Even though rehearsals can be stressful, they’re my relaxation time, my break from studying. It’s nice to dress up and be someone else for a while.”

While Sara has loved music and theater since she was very young, performance is not her only passion.

Sara is in her senior year of the College’s liberal studies program, where she has enjoyed the unique combination of behavioral science, elementary education and psychology components. She plans on entering graduate’s school to study clinical mental health counseling and hopes to one day be a licensed mental health professional.

Sara has always wanted to help people, but her personal struggles directed her toward incorporating that into her profession.

During her freshman year her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Per her mother’s wishes, Sara remained in school. She vividly recalls the distress and uncertainty of being away from her family at the time. But she also remembers the overwhelming support of her friends and fellow students.

“If I was going to be away from home at all during that time…this was the place to be,” she said. “Knowing that so many students and professors were praying was such an amazing support. I had many friends who were there for me day after day, who seemed to feel my pain as deeply as I did.”

She describes the experience as having opened her eyes to the needs of others and encouraged her further in her aim to become a mental health professional.

“People are hurting, and others’ lives are going on besides our own,” she said. “You have no idea what someone else could be going through.”

Completing her bachelor’s degree and preparing for graduate’s school — all while being thoroughly involved in all things pertaining to music or drama — has taught Sara a valuable lesson.

“I’ve learned that time is like a muscle — you have to learn to flex it and stretch it,” she said.

As she enters her final semester and prepares to be in her ninth production, The Mikado, Sara will be stretching that muscle more than ever before, but embraces the challenge while looking ahead.

“Things always seem busy or difficult in the present, but when you look back on them, they’re just part of taking the next step to something bigger.”

That’s how Sara is living His way.