Nikki Mackey is living His way

August 1, 2012

Sophomore Nikki Mackey’s time at Florida College was almost complete. After serving as president of Phi Theta Kappa, receiving the academic award in Biology, and earning the recognition of class Salutatorian, she required only a walk across the graduation stage and a handshake from the Dean of Students and she would receive her Associate in Arts degree—the traditional way to conclude two highly successful years at Florida College.

But the aspiring physical therapist decided she wasn’t quite ready to conclude her Florida College education. “After receiving my Associate in Arts, I considered transferring to a different school to complete my bachelor’s degree,” she recalled. “When I realized I could take all the courses at Florida College required for a physical therapy program, I knew I had to stay.”

In staying, she continued to prepare herself for the competitive field of physical therapy by taking classes directly pertaining to her profession. She also gained valuable experience. “One of my professors personally arranged for me to volunteer for an entire semester at a local physical therapy clinic. A lot of people have worked very hard to help me get into Physical Therapy school.”

Nikki’s involvement as an Academic Ambassador, Supplemental Instruction Leader, and cross-country co-captain has provided her with opportunities to excel outside the classroom. She was also honored as this year’s Miss Florida College.

In particular, she recalls her commitment as a Supplemental Instructor for Anatomy & Physiology, an opportunity that strengthened her conviction to serve: “The position not only provided me with material required for graduate school; it has allowed me to interact personally with many kind-hearted and bright lower-division students.”

When Nikki decided to stay at Florida College an additional two years, she took another step in her ultimate goal of helping people through physical therapy—but gained so much more.

“The opportunities and accomplishments I have experienced here would not have been possible at any other school. They have helped strengthen the conviction that helping people is the absolute best way I can spend my time.”

That’s how Nikki is living His way.