Nathan Wolfe is leading His way

September 1, 2011

When Nathan Wolfe arrived at Florida College with no clear path, he thought he’d try a little of everything first.

“I realized I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I didn’t want to take a lot of time to switch majors over and over,” he said.

Nathan came with nearly 30 credits of Advanced Placement coursework, so he needed to pick a major fast. The Liberal Studies degree was appealing, but did not offer many advanced Bible courses.  Biblical Studies was extremely practical, but was limited in some academic areas that appealed to Nathan.

Ultimately, he settled on Liberal Studies and Biblical Studies—for the programs’ flexibility, the variety of courses he’d get to take, and because he could graduate in three years.

That’s right. Two majors in three years.

Sound daunting? Maybe. But Nathan’s choice has opened education up in a whole new way.

“Take several classes in different subjects and test them out, rather than committing to a major and then changing your mind,” he says.

And he has definitely tested dozens of subjects in the past two years, with three Liberal Studies components to complete—history, English, and music history—and the regular curriculum in the Biblical Studies major. Nathan’s class schedule has hit all the high points—from “Advanced Greek” to “The World Wars” to “Medieval British Poetry.”

“In one sense, it made me realize how much I really like all of these subjects and it also brought out my strong points and my weaknesses.”

What’s been most surprising is the way each course braids together with the others. Greek translation laid the groundwork for Old and Middle English translations. Biblical Studies dovetailed beautifully with History classes. And studies in English and Greek grammar made reading Bible passages clearer and easier and “opened up a new viewpoint on the text.”

“I’ve realized how important study in these multiple subjects is. You’re not choosing one thing over another, but exposing yourself to so many other things. That’s how I picked what I wanted to do.”

Ultimately, Nathan decided to teach. He plans to get certified first to teach high school English and, later on, high school History—and he plans to encourage his students to pursue everything that interests them. After all, you don’t know you like it until you try it.

“Making connections like that really furthers your education and enriches your experience,” he says. “It’s been tremendous.”

That’s how Nathan Wolfe is leading His way.