Nathan Lee is living His way

April 17, 2013


With a 4.0 GPA and an ACT score of 32, Nathan Lee had earned himself the opportunity to attend Florida College on the President’s Scholarship. That, he says, along with the hope of being thoroughly involved in a tight-knit, Christian atmosphere, made his decision to attend Florida College all the easier.

But during the past three years, Nathan’s reasons to attend were greatly outnumbered by his reasons to stay.

Interested in finance, Nathan was drawn to the College’s business department and quickly declared his major in Business Administration.

“I’m thankful for the capable professors, particularly Dr. Yoho,” he said. “With his help and others’, I’m on track to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in just three years.”

And after in-class stock and budgetary simulations and being set up with a local accounting internship, Lee feels more than prepared to enter the world of finance.

“Most importantly, my classes have emphasized networking and the importance of expressing a business-friendly personality,” he said. “I’ve been taught not only how to do a job, but how to get one.”

As he finishes his internship with Home Encounter, a local real estate business, Lee is one step closer to beginning his financial career.

Outside the classroom, Nathan is a talented guitarist, and during his past two years has been a valued member of the Florida College Friends.

“I’ve wanted to play with the Friends ever since I saw them perform in Bowling Green and at Camp Kennessee,” he said. “It’s by far been the most exciting opportunity for me at Florida College.”

While Lee appreciated the musically challenging and creatively stimulating aspects of the band, they pale in comparison to going on tour in the summer.

“Traveling across the country and playing on different stages every night is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me,” he said. “And I loved after the shows when we’d stay in families’ homes. We felt welcome everywhere, and each home left us with a unique memory.”

As he prepares for graduation, Nathan now looks to move back to Bowling Green where he hopes to gain employment as a financial advisor or banker while pursing his MBA.

“I’ve learned a lot here,” he said. “I feel that the outstanding examples in leadership, the quality education and the many chances for personal growth have prepared me for the next step.”

That’s how Nathan Lee is living His way.