Libba Greiving is leading His way

August 31, 2012

Libba Greiving would be the first to say that she doesn’t portray the stereotypical characteristics of a leader. “I’ve never been much of a performer or public speaker,” she said. “Sometimes I even get embarrassed seeing other people in the spotlight.”

But the senior has managed to achieve a number of leadership positions despite avoiding a spotlight on Hutchinson stage.

Her sophomore year she served as SBGA Treasurer, an experience that impressed upon her the idea that a large part of leadership is service.

“I was fortunate enough to serve with three very capable officers,” she said. “And even putting together the smallest of events took a tremendous amount of effort and planning.”

She also served as copy editor for the College’s yearbook, the Royal Palm, for two years and recently took the position of Editor-in-Chief, where she continues to learn lessons in organizational leadership.

“Despite the stress and hard work in putting the Royal Palm together, it’s always worth it,” she said. “It’s rewarding when both students and faculty thank the editors months after its release.”

According to Libba, knowing one’s weaknesses is crucial to leadership.

“There are some ways I can lead and some ways I can’t,” she said. “Part of real service is knowing that distinction and using the individual gifts God has given us.”

Libba is on track to graduate with honors from the Liberal Studies program in the spring, and looks back on her misconceptions of leadership.

“I realized that anyone can lead—in a public or private way,” she said. “And not every leader requires the spotlight or has an official title. Those who don’t are just serving—leading—in an often unnoticed way. There are leaders everywhere here.”

That’s how Libba is leading His way.