Lauren Tharp is learning His way

November 1, 2012

Lauren Tharp is naturally goal-driven. This mindset led to her academic success in high school, where she achieved membership in the National Honors Society and excelled in her school’s drum line for three years. But apart from these accomplishments, Lauren wasn’t as involved as she believes she could have been.

“In high school I was usually fine as long as I had good grades,” she said. “But since coming to Florida College, I’ve maintained that goal, while setting others.”

Her inspiration?

“It’s the people,” she says. “Every day I’m reminded that I am not the only one trying to do the right thing.”

Being surrounded by such people stirred Lauren to direct her goal-oriented mindset toward the social spectrum. She serves in the Alpha Club and is a dedicated member of society life, where she leads as an officer in Phi Sigma Chi.

She derives her greatest satisfaction from serving as an English tutor in the College’s Supplemental Instruction program, an opportunity she took thanks to her enlightened perspective.

“Serving as an SI leader is where my academic and social goals meet,” Lauren said. “I enjoy helping others, but I’m also gaining something from the experience.”

The experience has piqued her interest in teaching, and the College just so happens to have added a bachelor’s program in her favorite subject, history.

“Learning to set new goals for myself has provided me with opportunities I would not have thought to pursue otherwise,” Lauren said. “Now I’m just torn between pursuing a bachelor’s in history or studying it alongside English through the Liberal Studies program, but that’s not too bad of a problem to have.”

Since arriving in Temple Terrace, Lauren has learned to set goals for herself outside of academics and push herself in different ways. She describes the experience as a gratefully learned lesson.

That’s how Lauren is learning His way.