Lauren Harber is leading His way

November 10, 2011

Lauren Harber is a Falcon baby: the happy blessing from a marriage that began when her parents met at Florida College. So when it came time to choose a college, Lauren’s decision was easy.

“I pretty much knew I was coming here before I was born,” she laughs.

Lauren grew up watching her brothers’ Florida College experiences and even having a few of her own: visiting friends, learning the campus, meeting the teachers. She even came to Falcon Days a year early—just because.

And, unsurprisingly, people recognized her name when she arrived as a freshman. After all, she followed two siblings who were very, very involved.

“I considered getting a T-shirt that said ‘Yes, I’m Brian Harber’s sister,’ she laughs.

Yet, Lauren determined to have a unique experience, even while doing many of the things her brothers did. She participated in the stage productions both on stage and backstage, shining as both a cast member and as stage manager. And she added freshman class officer, sophomore class officer, SBGA officer, and yearbook editor-in-chief to her unique Florida College resume.

And some of her best Florida College experiences were all her own. Girl’s dorm life required her to take the plunge and meet new people—several of whom are her best friends now.

“I don’t think we’ll ever lose that bond,” she says. “It was like my home and my little family.”

Now, as a senior in the Liberal Studies program, she remembers having the same nerves and insecurities as students who did not know a soul on campus—and how she used her familiarity as a blessing to others and a tool for herself.

“I can’t say it’s natural for me. I am not an extrovert!” she says. “But I really pushed to get to know those who had nobody. Nobody has to know you’ve been shy your whole life. It’s your chance to break out and be the person that you’ve always wanted to be. “

And Lauren offers this piece of advice to other freshmen who come with ready-made friends and a campus map in their heads: help someone every day.

“You may not be aware of others who need your help, because you already know what’s going on,” she says. “But Florida College showed me not only how much you can help others, but also how helping others can do so much for you.”

That’s how Lauren Harber is leading His way.