Kerri Taylor is living His way

November 28, 2012


Kerri Taylor was a volleyball all-star throughout high school. But when it came to choosing her college education, the endless opportunities her exceptional talent presented seemed to be more of an obstacle. Schools across the nation coveted the six-foot left-side hitter, including NCAA Division I powerhouses Colorado State, UCLA and Penn State, further complicating the already-difficult decision of choosing a college.

“I was interested in a few schools in Division I or NAIA,” she said. “And the competition would have been amazing, but at the last minute I realized that no amount of volleyball would make up for the people I would meet at Florida College.”

And Florida College volleyball wasn’t so bad either.

Kerri had no trouble fitting in with the College’s elite program. In fact, even as a freshman she was a core contributor in a championship-winning season. During her first three seasons she won the team’s MVP award and served as a team captain. She shone brightest in the national tournament where she earned three consecutive National Tournament MVP selections.

But there’s more to Kerri Taylor than the sport she loves, and her sweetest memories of Florida College thus far have occurred off the court.

For Kerri, her experience at Florida College has been all about the people from whom she gained encouragement and support.

“There were a lot of times when it seemed I had too much on my plate, but I was always surrounded by godly people—students, teachers, coaches—who were able to encourage me. That’s the best thing about Florida College.”

Kerri is on track to graduate this spring with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and hopes to coach volleyball at a high school or college level. As she prepares for life after Florida College, she does so with a refreshing purpose.

“The relationships I have made and the knowledge I have gained will always push me to be the best servant I can be for the glory of God.”

That’s how Kerri is living His way.