Kelly Gershenson is leading His way

December 5, 2011

Sophomore Kelly Gershenson always knew she wanted to be a nurse.

“I love to work with people. I couldn’t ever sit behind a desk,” she says. “And medicine has always interested me. I just find it very fascinating—and I love it.”

But even a very specific career path didn’t stop her from coming to Florida College. She watched three older siblings come through first. Through their positive experiences and long-lasting friendships, it made attending Florida College before nursing school a compelling opportunity.

Fortunately, Kelly is completely on top of things—and is confident that she can have the Florida College experience she always wanted and a successful transfer to a great nursing school.

The key: research, planning and forethought.

“I like school and I like what I’m going to do, but I didn’t want to stay in school for too long,” she says.

So Kelly happily offers two sound pieces of advice for students, like her, who want a seamless transfer experience. First, do your research. Know what you want to do and, if possible, where you want to go.

“If you already know where you are going, it helps your advisors assist you so much more,” she says. “You can take the right classes, really enjoy yourself and not get too stressed out.

And second, know what you are talking about. She encourages students not to rely solely on academic advising, but to establish a clear academic path for themselves to help avoid mistakes or oversights.

“It is your life. Whatever you’re going to pick, be on top of it,” she says.

Though she plans to transfer after next semester, Kelly has definitely made the most of her two years at Florida College. She even squeezed in a stint as sophomore class treasurer between her challenging nursing pre-requisites. All that fun makes leaving a little bit bittersweet.

“I would never trade this experience for anything,” she says. “I really will be very sad to leave, but it’ll be my time to go and so I’ll enjoy it while I can.”

Yet, her growing excitement to work with patients, experience clinicals and snag a chance at her dream job makes it easier to move on to a bright future.

“It’s what I’ve always looked forward to,” she says. “And I love new things in life.”

That’s how Kelly Gershenson is leading His way.