Katie Gregory is learning His way

May 4, 2011

In high school, Katie Gregory took a class on video production. The class was responsible for a weekly school news program, and Katie, an avid reader and occasional writer, was tasked with writing several commercials. Her interest in the world of advertising was piqued.

Now a freshman at Florida College (a somewhat “sudden and spontaneous” decision), Katie plans on delving further into the fields of advertising and marketing through the bachelor’s program in business administration. Originally considering a more concentrated degree in advertising, she was convinced by professor Jared Barr that a more general business degree would not only open more career doors, but also give her an edge in advertising (by “understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing”).

“I just think business is really interesting,” she says. “What makes people want the things they want? What makes a product more appealing than another product that’s basically the same thing?” As a zealous reader (her favorite author is American novelist John Green), she’s also drawn to the more creative angles of advertising—”having to come up with unique things that will stand out.”

Aware that the marketing world is highly competitive, and fueled by a longstanding interest in teaching high school, Katie is contemplating a transfer of her business passion into the classroom after a few years in the field. Maybe that will be in her hometown of Birmingham, maybe not.

However she applies her business knowledge, she wants to keep her priorities in line with her values. For her, that means “trying to make sure I’m not too caught up in success or money, or just getting the job done,” she says, “and making sure I know why I’m here—and that’s not to sell a product.” Keeping that in mind is one way Katie plans on learning His way.