Jonathan Wickersheim is Learning His Way

October 1, 2011

Growing up in Kenosha, Wis., Jonathan Wickersheim was frustrated at having so many diverse interests—cooking, airplanes, race cars, politics—and never being able to excel at any one thing.  Now he sees that versatility of interests as a strength (a background of “overall experience”), and Florida College as the perfect fit.

Wickersheim, a junior, has been a ‘professional dabbler’ at Florida College: Junior/Senior Class officer, yearbook photo editor, Alpha Club member, SI (Supplemental Instruction) leader, Math Lab tutor, Arete officer, and a participant in Forensics and several dramatic productions. He is pursuing his bachelor’s in Business Administration, a degree he hopes will be as versatile as he is.

“For a very long time, I’ve had a fascination with automotives and cars,” he says. “I’d love to be able to get into that industry.” His dream job would be running his own custom performance shop. He can also picture himself running for local politics (though “I don’t have any aspirations for President,” he says).

Wickersheim performed the lead role in Arsenic and Old Lace last fall, a thrilling first for him. “My mom always wanted me to get into drama,” he says, “because I had so much energy and I’d always be going nuts.” Arsenic was “crash-course stuff,” and as any FC thespian will agree, he learned a lot about time management. He was also grateful that any objectionable content in the play was unhesitatingly cleaned up, a gesture that he feels reflects Florida College’s special quality.

“When we go out into the community, and people see us and ask about our school,” he says, “we’re representing, not just the academics that are available here or where the school is physically located, but what it stands for. At the very least, it will get people asking questions, or maybe make what we say or try to teach have more weight.”

That is what sets Florida College apart for Wickersheim, and it’s how he is actively learning His way.