Hannah Mullins is leading His way

December 13, 2010

Hannah Mullins has always wanted to be a teacher.

The seeds of her planned career were quietly planted all those days she helped her mother out in her elementary school classrooms. “I would go and read to her class,” Hannah says, “or go and help out on special days or field trips. It’s always been in the back of my mind; it wasn’t a hard decision.”

Hannah, a sophomore, came down to Florida College this year from her home in Ashburn, Va.—but spent most of her life in Knoxville, Tenn. Her father is a preacher (which accounts for the move), but has also inspired Hannah’s classroom dreams in his turn as an occasional high school history teacher.

Hannah plans on getting a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from FC, and will already have three education courses on record after this year. Other than her coursework she stays busy as spirit leader for the Phi Sigma Chi society, floor monitor for Terrace residence hall, and a member of the Footlighters and Young Women’s Training Organization (YWTO).

“More opportunities are available to sophomores to be involved on campus,” she says. “I’m busier this year.”

She was in the musical Friends group last year and still devotes much of her time to singing, including taking voice lessons. She can also be found reading history novels on occasion (one more influence she credits to her father).

Her “dream of all dreams” would be running her own preschool someday. But she’d happily settle for teaching early childhood education at a school, maybe even in a foreign country (with potential evangelism opportunities in mind).

Her passion to teach is all about influence.

“Especially in the younger ages,” Hannah says, “I think kids are so evilly influenced. That’s when they’re most evilly molded in a lot of ways. It’s really important to have those people in their lives who are going to care for them and look out for them in the right way.

“I know the people I had in my life in those times were very important to me, and that’s something you still carry with you. To have the opportunity to be that for somebody else is really special to me.”

In her career aspirations, and even now as a student, Hannah Mullins has her mind set on leading His way.