Hannah Hudson is leading His way

December 13, 2010

Hannah Hudson might tell you she’s “the most boring person on the planet,” but don’t believe her. The plans she has, using the talents God has given her, have the power to change the lives of plural generations.

A senior from Gainesville, Fla., Hannah is in the midst of finishing the business administration program at Florida College. She hopes to graduate by December.

To fulfill one of the program’s requirements, Hannah interned at Pilot Bank last fall in their bookkeeping department. From the outset Pilot treated Hannah more like an employee than an intern; and an employee is exactly what she became.

“Spring semester came,” Hannah recalls, “and they just…kept me.”

Hannah had previous experience as a bank teller back home, but her work in research and balancing in the back office at Pilot taught her the “rhyme and reason” behind her work as a teller—laying the foundation for her understanding of the finance world.

After FC she hopes to continue working, and then eventually pursue a master’s degree in a business-related program. Whether working for a corporation, teaching for a college, or as owner of her own business, Hannah wants to be a financial advisor.

“I want to do something where I can actually help people handle their finances,” she says. “I understand that money isn’t everything, but it seems to run afoul too often.”

She’s inspired by the example of Dave Ramsey; using financial knowledge to lift people out of debt and give them the tools to manage, and even grow, their money wisely.

“I used to hold the view that money is evil,” she says. “But I think that money is a tool. Just like our time, our intelligence, just like anything really. We’re stewards of it. And helping people manage something that could be used for good, I think that’s a worthwhile goal.”

Whatever context it will be in, breaking debt’s bonds and giving people control over their finances is how Hannah intends to lead His way.