Hannah Greiving is learning His way

December 13, 2010

History is a running thread in Hannah Greiving’s life.

A Colorado native and current Tampa resident, Hannah is a senior in the liberal studies program and president of the junior/senior class. Her degree focuses on education and history.

When she’s not in class, Hannah is student secretary for history professor Dr. Brian Crispell. Off campus she’s most often at her apartment with her roommates, reading “the classics” and listening to records on an old turntable. “I just finished reading a Louisa May Alcott book,” she says. (“I shouldn’t be reading right now,” she admits with a grin, “but I was.”)

Recently Hannah and a friend made a list of historic places to visit near Tampa; every week they try to check one place off the list. They also have a checklist of history-related movies to watch.

“It’s kind of my passion,” she says.

The future is still a big question mark. Ultimately motherhood is her goal, but until that time she’s considering everything from teaching to being a flight attendant. “I’m really interested in traveling,” she says, “or having an adventure.”

Hannah is in a reflective mood these days, having just registered for her final semester of classes. Where she used to be more concerned with finding acceptance for “inconsequential” things, increasingly she is seeing the value in spiritual connections.

“It’s just become much more apparent how important church family is,” she says. She credits Florida College with helping her learn that “wherever I place my roots, whatever I choose to do, to do it with the right kind of people.”

That’s one example of how Hannah Greiving is learning His way.