Grace Bassett is learning His way

April 1, 2012

For many Florida College students, the first week of the fall semester sets up the entire freshman year. It kick-starts the friendmaking, the society pride, and the dorm-life experience. These are the first moments when college life becomes reality.

And junior Grace Bassett missed it.

After graduating from high school a semester early, Grace made a last-minute decision to enter FC in the spring—after fall orientation, after first-week activities, and after everyone had settled in for a whole semester.

“At first, I felt like I was the only one breaking in,” she says. “But it’s not as impossible as you think. It’s all about putting yourself out there.”

And so, she did. She buckled down and got busy getting to know everyone.

“Don’t be scared to go up to these people and ask to sit with them. Don’t be scared to ask for a ride. Don’t pre-judge the situation. It’s about having confidence in yourself and looking for the good in everything.”

Before long, Grace easily fit in with the FC students, thanks to a friendly disposition and listening ear. In fact, these gifts are one reason why she’ll graduate as a four-year Liberal Studies student.

Her dual focus in education and behavioral science is setting her up for a career in marriage and family counseling. “People have come to me to talk about things for as long as I can remember—and I love that,” she says. “There is so much in this field that I’m interested in tapping into.”

For Grace, this line of work comes down to being a people person—and Florida College is the perfect place to cultivate those social skills.

“I see people every day, study with them and sit with them in chapel. If I’m not studying or sleeping, I’m with people all the time and I love it,” she says. “They are the glue to your whole experience.”

Now, as she gears up for her senior year, Grace is ready to move on and see how she can make a positive impact wherever she goes. But she is also confident that making those lifelong friendships at Florida College has been worth all of the work.

“I wanted desperately to have friends who started where I started; who would be there for me no matter what. And now, I have support from an entire student body who cares about me and supports me.”

That’s how Grace Bassett is learning His way.