Forrest Crim is Leading His Way

February 29, 2012

Florida College camp—one week each summer when kids get the whole package: campfire smoke, outdoor sports, mosquito bites, budding friendships, and an uplifting spiritual experience that lasts for the rest of the year.

Camps are one of the best tools Florida College has to recruit students from a young age. So, naturally, when students arrive on campus as freshmen, they often expect a whole year of camp-like fun. After all, what could be better?

“I sort of grew up expecting it to be just like camp,” says junior Forrest Crim. In fact, Forrest not only grew up going to camp, but also grew up in Temple Terrace, just miles from the Florida College campus. But it didn’t take long for reality to set in.

Florida College is school—and it’s challenging.

“You’re focused on your education, you’re starting your life, and you’re planning for a career,” he says. “

Forrest is planning for a business career in the professional sports arena—maybe sports management, maybe working for a pro team. But whatever route he takes, he feels academically prepared for anything, thanks to his junior and senior level business courses.

“It’s especially challenging when you start getting into upper division,” he admits. “But it’s not like I’m struggling to pass the courses, because I have teachers who care whether I pass.”

And that’s a big part of “the FC thing,” says Forrest, and one of the main reasons he chose to stay for four years. The teachers actually care about your future, care about how you get there, and let you know when they notice you aren’t performing to your potential.

“I just don’t feel like I’m out there on my own, independent, surrounded by all these people I don’t know. It’s not me against the world, trying to start my life without any help.”

So, it’s ok that FC isn’t just like camp. According to Forrest, it’s different and, in many ways, better.

“As you go through the years at FC, you realize it’s not just a fun place to be. It’s a huge difference. You are starting your future. And I see myself succeeding more at FC than anywhere else.”

That’s how Forrest Crim is Leading His Way.