David Watson is living His way

April 22, 2011

In more ways than one, David Watson hopes to emulate the Great Physician.

Watson came to Florida College from Athens, Ala., with the express intent of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies. “I just knew that it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing,” he says. “I’d heard a lot of preachers tell me that you don’t get time later on in life to study the Bible this intensely, under professors like these.”

Now in his second year at FC, Watson is steeped in nearly every campus activity imaginable. He is the sophomore class president, a vocalist in the Friends musical group, a member of Alpha Club and Phi Sigma Chi, and a tutor in the Bible lab.

When asked what he does in his free time, he laughs. “I usually spend it just relaxing,” he says.

After finishing his degree, his goal is to attend nursing school with aims of becoming a nurse practitioner. He sees himself working in a hospital and simultaneously preaching, ideally back in Alabama.

“I love the medical field,” he says. Inspired partly by his brother—who is going to school to become a nurse anesthetist—Watson’s passion was confirmed when he took anatomy at FC last year. “That’s when it started sparking interest,” he says, finding that he did well in (and enjoyed) his science courses.

The spark to preach was kindled as a child, watching his father in the pulpit. He has since preached often himself, primarily at the Lutz Church of Christ where he attends, and he hopes to spread the gospel in Africa this summer with his father.

He sees preaching and nursing as very compatible occupations.

“I know a guy in Alabama who is a preacher and a nurse practitioner,” he says, “and I see the opportunities he gets to talk to people and express his interest in the gospel to them every day…You can establish good relationships in that way, just by helping them.”

With his words and his hands, in hospital rooms and in church auditoriums, David Watson is plotting a course with the sole intention of living His way.