Daniel Broadwell is learning His way

August 1, 2011

Daniel Broadwell is an open-minded guy who likes a challenge. His interests span nearly every subject in the college catalog, and he came to Florida College with more than 30 college credit hours.

And these are just two reasons why the Liberal Studies degree really works for him.

Daniel made the decision to complete his bachelor’s at Florida College before he even arrived.

“I decided during the summer before my freshman year,” he says. “I liked the options [the Liberal Studies program] could give me to get where I wanted to go academically.”

So Daniel’s first day on campus was his first of four years. Or, more accurately, three years—since he will be completing his bachelor’s degree in Liberal studies a year early thanks to his AP and dual enrollment credits in history, psychology, math, foreign language and English.

Rather than shying away from FC because of those credits, Daniel saw it as an opportunity.

“It was why the four-year program at FC was so attractive. I knew I could bring the credits in and they would be really flexible with me,” he says.

Since Daniel had already covered nearly all the freshman year general education classes, he had time to take more Bible and upper division classes, and to focus on the two components in his bachelor’s degree: Business and History.

“[The program] is very versatile,” he says. “You can make it what you want and hone it in to what you want to do in the future.”

Daniel’s future will include graduate school and, ultimately, a teaching position in a high school history department. His high school American History course really piqued his interest in the subject of the Civil War—and his upper division history classes with Dr. Crispell have really helped him “understand the world better.”

And so, after graduation, he would like to be a mentor to his own students.

“I’d like to help kids who don’t really have any direction or who are on their own,” he says. “As a high school student, you are really moldable. It’s a chance to teach kids what life is all about and hopefully lead them closer to God.”

It will be a challenge, but Daniel’s up to it—and that’s how he is learning His way.