Danae Roy is Learning His Way

December 1, 2011

According to Danae Roy, college is a “balancing act,” And she would know. As sophomore class secretary, Phi Sig Vice President, and a member of the brand-new women’s basketball team, Danae has a lot of responsibility. Fortunately, she has it all under control.

“I’m a very organized person,” she says. “I really like it when things come together.”

Whether she writes it in her planner, writes it on her hand, or sends herself an email, Danae does not let anything slip through the cracks. After all, it is a huge opportunity just to be so involved.

“It’s a lot of nights,” she says. “But once you get used to staying up late, it’s not so bad.”

Danae initially came to Florida College to make a change or, in her words, to “expand my horizons and meet new people.” She just did not have many Christian friends in New Mexico, and Florida College seemed like a great place to change that.

“It was a pretty big adjustment,” she says. “I’m not used to being around so many Christian kids.”

And, in addition to making the best friends of her life, she’s gotten the chance to do more than she ever expected. She certainly never thought she’d play college basketball, but the women’s team came along at just the right time.

“It feels really good to be back playing competitively and it is really exciting to play at this level,” she says. “I never thought I’d get the opportunity to do this.

With twelve games this spring and plenty of fall practices, it is one more thing to squeeze into her busy schedule—but, according to Danae, it’s totally worth it.

“We really back our teams here and the spirit is really great,” she says.

And, as a sophomore in the four-year business program, Danae is planning to spend much of next year planning, sorting out internships, and maybe even graduating early.  Not surprisingly, she’s considering careers like wedding planning, sports management, and more—all jobs that speak to some of her biggest strengths: organization and management.

But despite her busy schedule, Danae is glad she’s made the most of her Florida College education.

“Florida College is definitely a place where you can get involved, and this year has been really good for me,” she says.

That’s how Danae Roy is learning His way.