Colton McDaniel is living His way

February 2, 2013

Colton McDaniel had big plans after his high school graduation. A talented young preacher with a heart for evangelism, Colton’s original plans involved immediately developing his preaching experience and possibly helping start a new congregation.

But after much thinking, prayer and a particular conversation, Colton became convinced that he could serve even in Temple Terrace, where there are 50 churches within a 50-mile radius.

“I remember talking with Dr. Payne,” he recalled. “He told me about the many evangelistic efforts going on in the area. I soon found a preaching opportunity with the Forest Hills church and I have not regretted my decision ever since.”

After just three years, Colton is prepared to graduate in the spring with his Communication degree. He shows interest in public relations work, but his primary goal is to become quickly involved in an evangelistic effort, preaching in large cities with small congregations, or where there is no church at all.

During his three years, Colton has had the chance to cultivate his passion for evangelism at Forest Hills and on campus as well, joining the organization for aspiring teachers and preachers, the Sower’s Club. He now serves as president of the organization.

“In the group we’ve had different preachers speak to us about their experiences and give us advice,” he said. “Their wisdom and passion for the Word encourages us to be men after God’s own heart.”

Colton also points to his parents as one of his greatest examples of the importance of evangelism. His father, Ken, and mother, Penny, recently moved to Fiji to preach the gospel.

“I had the opportunity to go visit my parents a couple of winters ago,” he recalled. “I saw their passion for evangelism as they knocked on every door they could, inviting others to Bible studies. It was such a blessing to see so many people hearing the gospel for the first time.”

Colton looks to the example of such leaders to better form his idea of leadership, taking no credit for himself in his accomplishments, but pointing to the many examples laid before him.

“Anything that I am is not because I’m a great leader at heart or was born that way,” he said. “If I’m ever anything good at all, it’s because others have led me.”

That’s how Colton McDaniel is leading His way.