Clay Soto is living His way

December 5, 2011

Sophomore and business major Clay Soto had no idea what he wanted to do with his life—until he took “that test.”

You know, the test. The test that helps students hone in on their interests, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and, ultimately, a handful of really compelling career opportunities. That sort of direction is what the Florida College Advising Office is for—and was just what Clay needed to kick-start his academic career.

When he arrived at Florida College two years ago, Clay was like many college students: undecided.

“There is so much about the work world that we don’t even know exists,” he says. “We think about doctors and lawyers but there is so much more to it.”

But a few good appointments in the Advising Office really helped Clay focus.

“Dr. Walker went over tons of options with me and put different aspects of my personality into a job: working with people, organization, math and numbers, planning.”

And the real beauty of it: there was no hassle, no headache. No three-hour waiting line for an advising appointment. According to Clay, getting the answers he needed was an easy as sending an email.

“You just set up an appointment or just walk up whenever,” he says. “They are very accommodating.”

And after all the research and conversation, a four-year Florida College degree in Business seemed like the way to go.

“I just can’t leave. There is so much more I can get out of it. And if I can stay here longer, and keep building relationships, and keep learning from others’ examples, then why would I not do that?”

Clay feels that his current path to success is due to the personal attention he’s received—an experience that some of his friends have never enjoyed.

“It can cripple you when you go to a bigger school. I have friends who have said they can’t get a job. They go to these super-big schools and they don’t meet anyone and they don’t network—and then they are stuck.”

Not so for students at Florida College, says Clay.

“Sometimes [a smaller institution] offers more perks than you realize,” he says.

That’s how Clay Soto is living His way.