Caleb Liggin is learning His way

September 1, 2011

Caleb Liggin is learning His way

Nothing inspires junior Caleb Liggin quite like clean lines, contemporary furniture, and a well-designed floor plan.

“I’ve just always seen things that way,” he says. “And I can’t seem to go more than a couple of months without rearranging [my room],” he says.

Caleb is looking forward to carrying his passion and personal style into a career in interior design—but only after graduating from Florida College with a bachelor’s degree in communication. Before attending design school, Caleb plans to learn how to promote himself and his ideas successfully to clients.

“If you can’t sell your work, you don’t have a job,” he says. “[And] a communication degree teaches you how to present ideas to people.”

Florida College had always been a part of Caleb’s plan, following in the footsteps of his parents, sister, aunts and uncles—and 11 summers of Florida College camp helped solidify his decision to attend.  A Christian-focused education with like-minded classmates and professors was very appealing.

And the opportunity to major in communication came at a good time for Caleb, who was not ready to leave Florida College at the end of his sophomore year. A broad, practical degree like communication was the perfect solution.

“All of us communicate every single day: verbally, non-verbally, through email, text messages,” said Caleb. “To really learn about that is a very worthwhile endeavor.”

After graduation, Caleb plans to further his education through an interior design program. He calls his personal style “comfortable modern”—a fun, livable alternative to colder contemporary styles.

But design is also about togetherness—time, love, and family—and learning how to communicate his ideas in a positive, encouraging way is important to Caleb.

“A properly designed room can really bring a family together,” he says. “And I like to show people that they can have a really nice house and not spend thousands of dollars.”

That’s how Caleb Liggin is learning His way.