Caleb Bunting is living His way

August 31, 2012

In high school Caleb Bunting was well-liked and involved in a number of extra-curricular activities. Still, he didn’t quite fit in.

“I had a good high school experience,” he recalls. “But I couldn’t fully participate in many of the associations I wanted to because of the way in which they were run.”

From his three siblings who came before him, Caleb knew that Florida College was a place where he could not only fully participate in on-campus associations, he could do so in the scope of the Christian worldview.

During his first year at Florida College, Caleb did just that.

He immediately found a niche in the College’s music community. There, he was a stand-out in the chorus and chamber ensemble. He particularly enjoyed his time with the drama department, where he landed a role in the College’s production of “My Fair Lady.”

“Everyone focused on a common goal,” he recalled. “It was a lot of hard work, but we all reached that goal by maintaining the same mindset as we used the talents God has given us.”

Caleb likened this particular experience to the atmosphere of Florida College as a whole, where nearly everyone, he said, tries to do everything while following Jesus.

This year Caleb looks to continue in that mindset while pursing his recently declared communication major. The newly developed program made an impression on Caleb before he even began his upper-division course load.

“Last summer I maintained contact with Dr. Embry,” he said. “While he was facilitating summer classes and preparing for the program’s further expansion, he still had time to help me develop a personalized four-year plan.”

The plan, he said, is aimed toward a bachelor’s degree in corporate communication, a fitting degree for his interest in public relations.

Caleb enters his sophomore year with even more responsibility than he did as a freshman. He will continue in his musical interests while taking on the duties of Sophomore Class Treasurer, Boswell resident advisor, Alpha Club member and admissions counselor — all with an enhanced perspective.

“Whether I’m studying, working or performing, being here constantly reminds me that I can do so while following Jesus,” he said. “Being at Florida College reminds me that one can exemplify their faith in whatever they do.”

That’s how Caleb is living His way.