Bryce Cline is leading His way

February 28, 2013


Two summers ago, Bryce Cline experienced the same combination of eagerness and preparation that most high school graduates do, only with a unique experience which led him to describe his time between high school and Florida College as “nomadic.”

After his graduation, Bryce’s family moved from their 11-year home in Pennsylvania to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Meanwhile, Bryce had found a job in nearby Scranton, and after assisting with the move, traveled back to Pennsylvania to work for the remainder of the summer.

“After working in Scranton for the summer, I only had 10 days to adjust to my new home in Tennessee and prepare for college,” he said.

After moving from Pennsylvania to Chattanooga and back –twice — Bryce was eager to begin his first semester at Florida College and become familiar with what would be his new home for the next nine months.

“I quickly noticed the spiritual atmosphere,” he said. “Even in the dorms. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

In high school Bryce was deeply involved in anything relating to music. An All-State Chorus member, president of his high school chorus for two years and NAFME (National Association for Music Educators) National Chorus member, Bryce felt right at home in the College’s music community, where he is now a prominent participant and leader.

He is a current singer and piano player in the traveling performance group, Friends, and a second-year member of both chorus and Chamber Chorus. Recently, he  repressed his naturally enthusiastic personality to take on the likeness of the stoic Captain Von Trapp in the College’s production of The Sound of Music.

Bryce continued his high school involvement in NAFME to become the Florida College chapter’s president, where he organizes seminars, fundraisers and off-campus trips for the benefit of aspiring music teachers.

But Bryce’s thorough involvement in music and student life have come with certain challenges. In his two years at Florida College, he revealed that his greatest lesson learned is a greater understanding of true commitment.

“It’s the key to almost anything–academics, music, friendships–is commitment,”  he said.

“No matter what you do or how many things you’re involved in, you can’t have two masters,” he clarified, referencing Matthew 6:24. “You have to commit your heart to One and let that rule over the others.”

As he finishes his sophomore year, Bryce continues his pursuit of an education in music with the aspiration of entering the specific field of music therapy.

Whether singing, acting or leading, he will continue to do many different things under the service of one Master.

That’s how Bryce is leading His way.